Emily Fain creates a fantastical “Potion”

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Emily Fain is a real-life fairy (or faerie for those in the know). As someone who is slightly obsessed with the fae, I am an expert, therefore you have to believe me. It makes absolute sense that she has gone by Faerie the Kid since 2018. “Potion” is the first single released under the name Emily Fain. Written, sung, and produced by Emily, “Potion” was originally meant to be a ballad. But true to the artistic nature, where the music and magic went, Emily Fain allowed it. In the end, “Potion” morphed into a whimsical pop song that you can dance to.

Emily Fain

Emily Fain creates unique music with surprising instruments

Inspired by her imagination, Emily has been known to use toy instruments and found objects in her music. The idea behind “Potion” is straight out of a fantasy novel.

“Every day we take our potion, an elixir to keep us sane while we trudge through our routines. Is there something magical just beyond that eludes us? A different life we could be living if circumstances had been different? The song explores the pain of not knowing how things could have been, a yearning to be a less damaged girl who does not rely on a potion to function.” – Emily Fain

Produced in her college apartment, Emily Fain gives us pleading vocals paired with delicate piano. The beat drop in the chorus is what will get you dancing. It was unexpected, but really made the track.

Emily Fain

While her sound is unique to her, Emily pulls inspiration from artists like Aurora, Florence and the Machine, Sylvan Esso, and Lorde. This inspiration and of course the imagination inside Emily allows her to create immersive sonic landscapes.

In 2022 Emily Fain was an official musician for the True False Film Festival. This unique festival is where artists perform several 20-minute sets before film screenings. The fact that Emily (at the time Faerie the Kid) was part of this type of gig, just makes sense.

Make sure to check out ‘Potion” on all streaming platforms. Also, because we think she is great, follow Emily on her socials. After all…

“I make weird pop.” – Emily Fain

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