Erin May drops mother nature anthem “Oh Mother”

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erin mayErin May is an indie artist based out of the UK and their latest release, “Oh Mother” should be on your radar. The beautiful, cinematic record has James Bonds vibes, if that series was about acknowledging the damage that humans cause the planet. Originally released on April 7th, May is speaking their mind on the “no-return” energy that looms as the world digs itself deeper and deeper into the hole that is global warming. While this topic can be tough to cover and can generate corny power anthems, “Oh Mother” is anything but.

May’s vocal talent is apparent from the moment they sings their first note. They has a seasoned and layered voice that carries a sadness to it. The runs and passion in which they delivers the message is what you would expect of someone who has been doing this professionally for the past few decades. On Erin’s official website, it says;

“A dark, alternative collective – fusing elements of activism, environmentalism and veganism.

Oh mother is a reminder to hold the beauty of the world that surrounds us and to protect it from the dangers we impose.”

From the gorgeous cover art to the masterful production, this track feels like its a movie theme song already. I am also a huge fan of artists who take the time to create art that they can be proud of, something that clearly means something to them. There is a clear intent and that’s why this track comes together and works, you understand what they wants you to by the end of it.

If you are into alternative, big vocals while also singing for something you believe in; you should check this one out.

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