Ettie releases “Miserable Life” and we love it!

I hope you have such a miserable life... and it's relatable!

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The Introduction

London-born singer Ettie is anxious, gay, and most importantly caffeinated. These three characteristics make for music that makes my heart happy and that is what we’ve got with her latest release ‘Miserable Life‘. Following the release of her first EP ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’, Ettie is back and she doesn’t wish you well (and neither do I really). Ettie has taken all of the things that I am feeling in the deepest depths of my heart and put them to a pulsing beat with crisp, clear vocals and is saying all of the words out loud (thanks girl!!)

The Song

“Miserable Life” serves as a cathartic anthem for individuals who have experienced mistreatment from others (haven’t we all?). The lyrics encourage listeners to reflect on their own experiences and express their desire for the same treatment as those who have caused them harm (because isn’t karma fantastic??). The song features an infusion of emo nostalgia and deserves praise for its ability to resonate with the current issues and emotions of the 30-something-year-old writing this article.

It’s no surprise with Ettie’s English Literature degree that the songwriting is certainly a highlight of the track’s existence! The use of wordplay is highlighted as one of Ettie’s strengths, while the presence of smashing guitars adds an intense and satisfying element to the track that all of us Emo-driven pop kids need to hear as we’re writing text messages we’ll never send.

“I think I’m kind of done wishing well, I think I’m getting to the end of the highroad”

The Conclusion

Like so many indie artists before her Ettie has found a niche in the market that people like me are dying to revisit. The truth of the matter is, relationships suck, people suck, and everything just sucks (always generally). We can’t wait to see what comes next for Ettie as she continues down this path of self-righteousness (oh and Etty’s girlfriend wants you to know that Ettie is “Like pop-punk but gay”).

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