FROM INSIDE releases angsty “Say The Word”

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FROM INSIDE has entered its next chapter in 2023. “Say The Word” is an all-out alt-pop ballad. FROM INSIDE has been defined by their vocally charged approach. But what has them resonate with their fanbase is the lyrics that face the insecurities most deal with on a daily basis. “Say The Word” is one of those songs that deserves to be played at max volume and is sure to piss off the neighbors.


FROM INSIDE is from Liverpool. They shared the same high school as The Beatles. Yes. John, Paul, and George (sorry they met Ringo later on) started a group at the exact same place as FROM INSIDE. Pretty cool fact to let everyone know.
The band’s last few singles, “Let Me In” and “The Right One” exclusively premiered on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing Rock’ show with Alyx Holcombe. Those songs together earned over 60,000 streams and a wide range of support from many different blogs, radio stations, and more.

New vocalist Zair Elgahmi was introduced to the world during “Let Me In.” Their new chapter began in 2023 and with this latest release, it seems like the best one yet.

FROM INSIDE the inspiration behind “Say The Word”

When you think of Emo Pop Rock music, do you think of Emily Dickinson? Well, you should. The song is inspired by one of her poems.

“The whole song is centered around the concept of hope” – Zaid Elgahmi

With this inspiration, the track was specifically written for anyone who needs something in their life fixed. If they feel broken or have been hurt by other people, this song is for them. “Say The Word” is an expression of how words can affect people. Of course, they can hurt, but words can also heal.

Make sure to check out “Say The Word” and FROM INSIDE. The band has some of the catchiest melodies I’ve heard in a long time. They remind me a lot of a mixture of Yellowcard and Blink 182. “Say The Word” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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