Grichu releases Infectious “Ma Ma”

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Montreal-based producer, songwriter, singer and DJ, Grichu, has released their latest track, Ma Ma; and we are obsessed. The high-energy electro vibe pulses over an infectious, lightly sung chorus and it creates a larger-than-life, cinematic feeling.

Want to be even more impressed? Grichu is a band of one; she handles the vision from start to finish… and it’s safe to say they have the it factor. I could hear this track in an HBO series or one of those Indie films that takes the Film Festival route. Long story short; this is a hit. It feels larger than life, the kind of song that you want to do the Miley Cyrus Flowers dance too; it’s carefree and vibrant.

The queer artist is shining a light on the non-binary community by creating art that is inclusive; and those who might not be “down” with the our little group, would be none the wiser. If this track were to play at the club, the room would move… and that’s the power of the queer community, you can’t help but join in on our fun.

Ma Ma was recorded in Grichu’s kitchen (Cause you know, women should be in the kitchen! – Grichu (lol)) and has French / Italo-House influences. The track is about Grichu’s mother as she wanted to showcase her love for life; and we would say the mission was accomplished.

So if you’re in the mood for an up-beat, club ready dance track that will give you Lady Gaga – Americano vibes, I’d highly suggest giving Grichu a follow on Spotify and listening to their new single, Ma Ma.

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