Gwen Stefani Announces New Single “True Babe”

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Gwen StefaniWe are a pretty big fans of Ms. Gwen Stefani and the pop-powerhouse has just announced her latest single, “True Babe” will drop on June 23rd, 2023. If you are (somehow) not familiar with Gwen’s solo career, she not only shifted the whole sound of the mid-2000s, but she also contributed to the groundbreaking sound of the ’90s with “No Doubt.”

There have been a handful of “false starts” for this new record; in 2020 Gwen dropped “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” which was a callback to her Ska-styled music; and the song was her best since the 2006 release of “The Sweet Escape“. Unfortunately, her label is still searching for that early 2000’s success and when the song doesn’t chart, they simply “try again.” This seems like a huge waste of time, because Gwen has her core fanbase who will always support the record… Does Gen-Z really need to co-sign for them to be “ready” to release the project?

After “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” failed to make an impact, they tried again with 2021’s “Slow Clap” which was essentially a running social media joke. The song did sound like a mid-2000’s Old Navy commercial and it didn’t help when they recruited Saweetie for the remix. It seems like Interscope has no idea what to do with Gwen and they’re just trying on different hats & styles until the GP is back on her side; and that should not be the goal.

Gwen is innovative and incredibly talented; but she’s already done the work and had the impact that most artists would only dream of achieving. So why won’t they just let her release the music she stands behind and get her on a Tour? Nobody knows.

But, luckily for us, Gwen is set to release her new single “True Babe” during Pride Month; so for that we say thank you. Not much has been shared about the track, but I am extremely curious to see which direction they go this time.

Fingers crossed they allow our girl to release her project in full this time :).

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