Gwen Stefani is back with “True Babe”

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Gwen Stefani True BabeGwen Stefani is back. The Grammy Award winning artist has had a few “false starts” with this new record, but has found the hit in True Babe. I have been a fan of Gwen’s since I was in middle school (not to date myself) and No Doubt released their critically acclaimed record Rock Steady; so I have been here for a minute.

Having always loved the fun and uniqueness she brings to her tracks, there was a moment the music felt a little less like the “Gwen” we all grew to love. But, we can honestly say it feels like she found her vibe once more. “True Babe” has that youthful sound without it falling into the category of “try hard.” It’s writing is top-tier, relatable and the vocal delivery makes it an instant classic. She didn’t fall back onto her existing hits to give this new music life; and it shows in the best way possible.

Gwen’s vocals are confident and showcase her impeccable talent; the chorus is beyond an earworm.

Cause it’s true babe, true babe
I’m sleeping better next to you babe, you babe
You’re something sweet, something true babe, true babe
You do it better than they do, babe

So if you are a fan of Gwen, rest easy knowing that she has delivered one of her best tracks since her 2006 release, The Sweet Escape. I am beyond obsessed and will probably be responding to my partner with “true babe, true babe” for the next one-hundred years.

True Babe” is now available worldwide.

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