Halsey Releases Solo Version of “Die 4 Me”

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In 2019, Halsey teamed up with Post Malone and Future to put out the song “Die For Me” from Post Malone’s third album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”.

During her “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” tour, amply titled “Love & Power”, she performed her verse along side a demo of the track “1121”  much to the delight of fans, the reception from the track led to Halsey has releasing a solo version of the track.

Her original verse alone would bring a jilted lover to their knees, and the line “You don’t have to say I’m crazy cause I know ( nothings changed though)“? is absolutely iconic!

Halsey’s solo version of the track gives everything you’d expect from a Halsey track, powerful vocals, emotions, and the feeling of walking around like the bad b***** you know you are immediately after first listen!

Listen Now:

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