Hector Cottam releases “Are You Better Now?”

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Hector CottamHector Cottam has released their latest single, “Are You Better Now?” and the soft-rock acoustic track grabs your attention from the start. The song is about mental health, friendship and the experiences you share with your platonic relationships. The acoustic-driven music fits perfectly with the poetic lyrics that are sung with a sense of vulnerability and power.

I’m not wasting my life
Cause I’m growing older
You’re still falling out of line
Cause I’m not wasting my time
Cause I’m growing colder
You’re still falling way behind

The UK-based artist wrote this song after going on an adventure in the Scottish Highlands; he returned back to the London to record the track with producer Hugo Cottu. The two created an incredibly beautiful song that provokes thought and attention. The guitars paired with the powerful vocals give the song a classic experience; it doesn’t sound or feel like the “fast pop” that has taken over airwaves. Cottman has something to say and he packages it in the form of a exquisitely produced record.

Hector identifies as Bi-sexual and that group is notoriously forgotten or disregarded, so to be able to share the music of someone who has those life experiences is rather exciting. When asked to describe the song, Cottman said;

“Are You Better Now? is about trying to be there for a friend the best you can when they are struggling with their mental health. It’s
about feeling the impermanence of time and the magic of life and hoping your friend can come back in touch with this side of life.
It’s about not wanting to waste another second of this precious life.”

Be sure to give this track a listen today!

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