Hyperpop Star Chase Icon Gives You “The Girlfriend Experience”

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Chase Icon
Chase Icon shot to fame from her incredibly ridiculous and funny Kylie Jenner House Tour video. And while the internet has a way of projecting the most obnoxious humans to stardom, they got it right with Chase.

She did what most do with their new found fame; create a song. Normally, I bypass those tracks with a Sonic-like speed, but there is something about Chase that screams “Star power.” Her sharp features matched with her ability to bring her humor to hard-hitting beats wasn’t something I had seen before; normally the trajectory is “make a funny video” and then bam “I’m a serious artist listen to me sing about how hard it is to be me.” Icon lives in a different world.

“Is is the hennessy? or is that a ten I see?”

The 4-track EP starts off at incredible speed. The catchy hooks and electronic-pop beats make you pause and actually listen to what’s happening. The music could be compared to Kim Petras’ Halloween themed record “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” in the best way. The “horror-pop” undertones with her sassy-delivery stands on it’s own while using elements that we have heard before.

“I turn a transphobe to a chaser

Love. What I love most about the music is it’s fun and she is who she is so effortlessly you get sucked into her world. While the record was released in the 4th quarter of 2022, it deserves a listen.

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