Indie artist Alexandra and “I’m Not Good At This Anymore”

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Dallas-based indie-pop artist Alexandra has released her first single of 2023. “I’m Not Good At This Anymore” is a song about finding yourself and at the end of that journey you no longer recognize who you have become.


“I’m Not Good At This Anymore” is an indie pop/rock track born out of the post-first date come down – where the excitement of getting to know someone is watered down by the realization that your childlike wonder surrounding love has evaporated.”

This song soundtracks the feelings of cynicism that sit on the other side of self-awareness. Layered vocals, driving guitars, and a slow burn push to the end begs us to ask the question, “is the grass really greener on the other side?””

– Alexandra


Alexandra has been busy this year

Prior to releasing “I’m Not Good At This Anymore,” Alexandra performed for the first time at SXSW in Austin. Alexandra has released one single each year since 2020. Her 2021 single “Bad Stuff” debuted on KXT 91.7’s Local Show in January, and has now moved into regular rotation. As an independent artist, getting your music on the radio is a feat. Her previous single “Bonnie & Clyde” was on the BMI’s Texas Top Ten playlist.

“I’m Not Good At This Anymore”

Live drums drive the pulse of the song which melds beautifully with the lyrics, guitars, and vocals. While she is a newer artist, her vocal strength and musicianship give her a leg up on other indie artists. One musician that I get similar vibes from is Ashe. Both have this unique gift of making the listener feel the meaning behind the song. “I’m Not Good At This Anymore” has the ability to stay with you after you have listened to it. So, be prepared to hit the repeat button.

If you are in the Dallas area on June 3rd, check Alexandra out while she opens up for Abraham Alexander at The Kessler.

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