Indie Artist July drops “Medicated”

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July MedicatedJuly has dropped their latest single “Medicated” and the R&B track carries a The Weeknd vibe while also honing in a unique lyrical approach. Following the release of “Circus”, “Medicated” continues his journey in R&B; July has the sound that makes R&B one of the musics’ most versatile genres. From the smooth and precise vocals to the writing; this track has layers.

The UK based artist spoke about their latest release;

“Medicated” shows that you don’t need to overcomplicate things, and that a great song can start from a refreshingly simple melody and a great performance. All the rest is ornamental, but the core of a truly memorable track is all there, ready to inspire the audience and tell a story through music.’

“Medicated” sounds like it belongs on those Indie-College radio stations; the smooth beat paired with equally smooth vocals creates that familiar sound.

I just fell in love
I just fell in love

It’s in our name, Ear Worms, that we really enjoy covering tracks that really tune in to the ability to create those hooks that sit with you; this chorus is going to be stuck in my head all day, and guaranteed yours if you give this a listen.

July – Medicated

So, do yourself a favor and add this track to one your chill playlist and watch this become a track you come back to time and time again. Also be sure to follow July on his social profiles to make sure you stay up-to-date with their latest projects.

“Medicated” is now available on all DSPs.

Listen Now:

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