Indie Artist Jzzy Releases a “Helmet” Advisory

"Dear Diary, I'm more fabulous than I was five minutes ago"

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Jzzy Indie artist Jzzy released their latest single, “Helmet,” and it’s… incredibly catchy. The pop-track that has an early 2000s vibe sounds like a label-funded project. I could “see” this being played on the radio when I was in the car with my mom on the way to school “back in the day.” The cocky-lyrics matched with the infectious beat is a pop fans’ dream.

Sweet sweet sweet
With a candy cane face
One, two, three
Let them all eat cake

The self-proclaimed “Baby gaga” glides through this track with the ease of a seasoned-pro. It’s pretty clear to see if someone has “it” early in their career; Is there a vision? Is there promise? In Jzzy’s case… yes. Their melodies paired with their film-based (think Gossip Girl, Clueless, Legally Blonde) inspiration transports you back to the early Y2K days. This track should be listened to in a translucent inflatable chair while you absorb the confidence Jzzy is throwing your way.

Lifes’ tough
Get a helmet

Indie artists‘ are making some of the most exciting music as of late; without the financing they are free to just create. Once your art is monetized, you are forced to answer to someone. Jzzy is one of the artists I think we should keep our eye on; it’s a unique sounds with a clear vision.

Jzzy is a 21-year old Indian-American songwriter based in LA, raised in India. She went to the NMIMS School of Performing Arts until COVID forced her (and the world) to work from home. Since, she has released 7 tracks and has gained some traction on Spotify. We at Earworms are excited to see their journey and where their art takes them next.

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