Indie artist Mirnaz announces “God Complex”

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MirnazIndie artist Mirnaz has announced her new single, “God Complex,” will be out on July 2nd. This is not the first version of the track that fans have heard, though. This is being titled the “final” version by Mirnaz. If you are not familiar with the rising-star, here’s a bit of info from the artist herself.

Mirnaz is a singer-songwriter with a diverse background and a passion for music that was cultivated from an early age. Born in Baghdad and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, she has a unique perspective influenced by both her Middle Eastern heritage and her experiences growing up in the United States. Mirnaz’s love for music began with her exposure to a wide range of genres, including Middle Eastern legends like Kadim Al Saher and Amr Diab, as well as Western music legends such as Jay Z, Nina Simone, and Beyonce. She honed her musical abilities through involvement in choir, where she gained experience in live performances and developed her songwriting skills.

When asked about the track, Mirnaz said;

“this is the official version of GOD COMPLEX to contrast the acoustic version that was released in November of 2022. This song helped me reflect on my mistakes, learn from them, and forgive my past self. My hope is that if I express my complexities instead of letting them manifest, life will let time simplify them”

God Complex” drops on July 2nd, 2023, for now check out the Acoustic version in anticipation!

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