Indie artist Stephen Lind releases “Lovers’ Roulette” (Short Film)

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“Lovers’ Roulette,” is a horror-themed short film that follows a Lonely Man (Stephen Lind) as he navigates through an underground world. The cavernous environment is fueled by lust and desire and we watch as the Lonely Man tries to make his “Getaway.” With outstanding production (from the direction, set design, and sound engineering) the film takes us along on a journey with the Lonely Man, leaving the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Before even being released, “Lovers’ Roulette” was selected for multiple film festivals. The music video won Best Music Video at the Paradise Film Festival. It has also been selected for The International Underground Music Video Awards (Paris), SHORT to the Point International Film Festival, and the Brazil New Vision Film Festival.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Stephen made sure that his film was inclusive. Most members of the cast and crew identify as members of the community and Lind made sure that during filming everyone felt comfortable and safe in the environment. The film’s unique message was brought to life by the shared life experiences of everyone involved.

As the first venture into the filmmaking arena, Stephen Lind has proved that he belongs in the entertainment industry. Not only does he have an eye for film, but the artistry he exudes in his music solidifies his budding successful career.

Director: Lauren Hoover
Writers: Stephen Lind & Lauren Hoover
Producers: Bryant Berry & Lauren Hoover
Executive Producer: Stephen Lind
Director of Photography: Zach Fritz
Production Designer: Bryant Berry
Editor: Zach Fritz
Associate Producer: Brie Blount
Composer: Taylor Sparks
Hair & Make-Up: Wendy Fisher
Gaffer: Noah Marti
Camera Operator: Raphael Van Oostrum

Stephen Lind as Lonely Man
Irving Green as Getaway Man
Butyl as Lost Man
Dre Witcher as The Scorpion
Berick as The Snake
Jamie Ho as Chamber 1
Elijah Langston as Chamber 2
Julien Stephenson as Chamber 3
Adrian Vega as Chamber 4
PeaNut as Chamber 5

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