Indie Artist Tang. Drops 80s’ Nostalgic Track “F With U”

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Tang.Hong Kong based indie artist Tang. has released their latest single “F With U” and the track is drenched in authentic 80s’ references; its not just a song that added synths and packaged it as as nostalgia. From the second the track starts, you’re transported. Personally, I was quite surprised when the vocal came in; I was not expecting that voice, it’s so very good.

The LGBTQ+ artist serves Robin Thicke on this track that was originally written in 2016 after they got engaged, but was never recorded because the relationship ended a year later. Once they started receiving some traction, he brought this song back to life, and we are glad he did. The track was recorded between New York City and Hong Kong, Another fun fact? The final mix was passed through a reel-to-reel tape machine to give the song a sonic warmth and saturation evocative of the era. That is pretty dope.

Yeah you
I’ll always F with you
Yeah you
I wanna know what you’re into
You make me feel brand new

It’s no surprise that Tang. is curating a fanbase that will eventually lead them to a strong career. They have a unique sound while also feeling familiar, that is one of the tricks new artists have to perform to be able to “stick.” LGBTQ+ artists have a lot of hurdles to get over, but I’m hopeful that the talent and message of this song stands out enough to get the attention it deserves.

Be sure to give “F With U” a listen today!

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