It’s All Good For Me: Original Sugababes Grace Us with “Apple Music Home Sessions”

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The Sugababes are a group hardly known in the United States, and it truly is a shame. Originally founded in 1998 with Siobhán Donaghy, Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan. We’re not going to break down the numerous line-up changes over the years, but, here we are in 2023, with all three original members of the band and seven albums later.

On Christmas the trio released “The Lost Tapes” album on stream as a gift to fans. The album includes songs that were originally been recorded (and leaked) online in 2012, but we’re grateful for a new album none the less (‘Summer of 99‘ is on constant repeat).

Yesterday, the babes released an EP exclusively on Apple music titled “Apple Music Home Session” celebrating the past, present, and future of music featuring one of their classics (a 2002 cover of Anita Howards “Freak Like Me” which did not originally feature Donaghy), “Back In The Day” (from their “The Lost Tapes” album), and a cover of Libianca’s “People”.

The EP reminds us of the chemistry the girls shared on their 2000 debut ‘One Touch’, and shows how strong these three ladies are with their harmonies. I am here for a 2023 resurgence of the OG Babes, Personally, I’d love a new Greatest Hits with just their vocals (and this is not to take away from the legacy left by Heidi and Amelle).

Also, random, but it appears that the American streaming have had a recent resurgence of Sugababes love and the last album ‘Sweet 7‘ (featuring none of the original members) is finally available. So after you finish listening to the beautiful rendition of ‘Freak Like Me’, head on over to Apple Music and fawn over “No More You“.

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(Apple Music Home Sessions is not available on YouTube, please find the original music video)

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