Jane N’ The Jungle and their “Bed of Roses”

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Jane N' The JungleJane N’ The Jungle is back with a new single, “Bed of Roses,” and the track and it’s accompanying video are perfection. Jordan White and Brian Dellis, both Phoenix natives, are childhood friends who have grown up into pretty bad-ass musicians together; and Bed of Roses just adds to the claim.

The group is inspired by ’90s grunge and alternative rock, but I couldn’t help but hear a hint of The Veronicas in this track. There is a fierceness and pop-like melody that catches your ear from the moment you hit play. The staccato in the verses are also a huge stand-out; the chords craved that vocal delivery.

Bed of Roses” is an example of indie artists’ having a drive and vision that can’t be captured in the mainstream music acts. The video doesn’t have an insane budget or wild editing, but it’s captivating none the less. The Director and lighting crew knew exactly what they were doing and it shows.

Jane N’ The Jungle are a band to watch

Having made their debut in 2019, their vision and music continues to grow with each project. If you’re looking for a new artist to follow and/or support; we’d suggest diving into their catalogue. It will appeal to those who love rock, but having a female vocal lead also opens the door to an LGBTQ+ audience as well.

Do yourself a favor and give this video a watch; you’re going to fall in love with the sound and the fun/sassy performance.

Bed of Roses” is now available on all DSPs.

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