Janelle Sy’mone is a ‘Good Good Girl’ ya hear?

Now wait a minute... (oooh) you don't wanna talk about it?

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Janelle Sy’mone

When you find a woman of perfection… and I am a woman of perfection because I am that chick that will ride or die”

In the months following the tragic loss of her sister, Janelle Sy’mone put pen to paper and wrote a song that shows the world her sister’s attitude and sassiness, and it is a much-needed contribution to the world of R&B music!

“Good Girl” was written by Janelle Sy’mone, and was done so in the same vein as “Don’t Hurt Yourself” by Beyoncé and “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain and frankly, this song does not compare to them in any way!

The first few seconds of the track had me like “Oh… what is this” and from there, I became a fan, the vocal delivery on the track (specifically at the 3:30 – 3:35 mark) shows a range that I certainly was not expecting!

My plea to the world is to please get Ms. Janelle at the top of every one of these charts because there is no place in the world that doesn’t have a stage that Janelle Sy’Mone doesn’t need to be on.

The Atlanta-based singer is set to release her debut album (also titled “Good Girl”) which features the previously released songs “Prove It 2 Me”, “Got You”, and “All Night” all of which are must-listens!

Given I am a Georgia native, I will be following her to see what stages I can see Ms. Sy’mone perform on because there is no doubt in my mind that she will provide me with a flawless show and a memorable night!

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