Jax isn’t having your storybook ending, in fact, “Cinderella Snapped”

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JaxYou may remember Jax from American Idol (Season 14), or from her 2017 EP ‘Funny’, or maybe from her viral TikTok Account, but, simply put, Jax, is amazing, and she released her new single “Cinderella Snapped”, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Her second most recent single, “Victoria’s Secret” is a departure from the 2017 EP and the new music seems to be more geared to the tween audience, which, is fine I guess. Victoria’s Secret did get her on the Billboard Charts for the first time, peaking at #35, she also charted internationally at #33 in the UK and has sold an excess of 750,000 copies of the song worldwide, so I guess the swap was successful!

But it’s a new dawn, and a new age, and a new single. In a recent TikTok, Jax tells a story of when she was a kid at school, and there was a ‘Princess Ball’ and she showed up to the ball and left without a prince, which left her in tears. Her grandmother grabbed a copy of ‘Cinderella’ and rewrote it as a story of a girl not needing no man, titled, “The Cindependent Woman” and we’re here for it Grandma. The storybook was written into a song, and tells an interest perception of events from the storybooks we all read growing up!

Notable Lyrics
Rapunzel shaved their head so there was nothin’ to climb on
Jasmine made out with Mulan
Sleeping Beauty sued the dude who kissed her while she was asleep
And Ariel was confident without any feet
Tiana went and got a Biomedical Degree
And Beauty realized that she was the Beast”


Do we love the new ‘Cindependent’ version? Yes, we do…. the literal snaps? The talk of a trial? Treason? Uhhh… yes please!! Oh and if you ever get the opportunity to see her live, I would highly recommend it. She is fantastic.

Photo Credit: Braverijah Gregg

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