Jeff Mailfert traveled to “Nowhere”

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Jeff MailfertJeff Mailfert has released his latest single, “Nowhere,” and the indie-folk song has a calming, reassuring sound. Recorded in a cabin atop the mountains in Southern France, the track tells the story of finding your inner peace while on a journey of self-discovery.

Nowhere,” released via Mailfert’s label Folk & Friends, is the perfect blend of folk and electronic music; it’s a genre-bending experience that is hard to label. It is an indie-folk song that also carries elements of pop, rock and a hint of country.

Jeff Mailfert prepares “Wooden Rhapsody” EP

Mailfert has a unique story; he travels in his Orange and White van to meet his audience, seek inspiration and creates music that is representative of his journey. His purpose in music is to remind his audience that life is an adventure and that beauty can live in every moment of ones’ life.

This music has manifested itself in the form in a new EP titled “Wooden Rhapsody” and “Nowhere” leads the charge. Like we mentioned above, the song brings a calm and soothing feeling while listening. On top of being an incredible producer, Mailfert’s vocals steal the show. His honest delivery paired with the pitch-perfect tone grab your attention and own it until the track ends.

Mailfert spoke about the track and said;

“It evokes a feeling of being lost but also a glimmer of hope, encouraging us to seek beauty in adversity.

Mixing folk and electronic sounds, “Nowhere” is an ode to the quest for self-discovery and the strength of resilience, inviting us to change our vision of life and follow our intuition.”

Nowhere” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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