Jenny Lewis releases video for “Puppy and a Truck” with support from Harry Styles

Tears of joy are being saved to give to the puppy costume wearing star

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Jenny Lewis music video with Harry StylesJenny Lewis has found the cure to being in your 40s. Buy a hypoallergenic poodle, and a truck, and then go on tour with Harry Styles. Now, I’m not saying that I am taking notes for any particular reason. There is no way I am in my 40s (or is there?) but, if the cure has anything to do with Harry Styles… I’m in. He has taken the world by storm in the last few years and Jenny Lewis was able to witness it all firsthand.

The video for “Puppy and Truck” gives us a view behind the curtain of being on tour with the biggest star. She has a retro style and old-school tone and it isn’t typically what you think of when you hear Harry Styles. But, his fans have accepted Lewis with open arms. She became their “Daisy Jones,” Stevie Nicks, and Lucille Ball. Jenny is the cool aunt we all want. She will gladly provide you with the good stuff from her “The Rabbit Hole” line (IYKYK).

Jenny Lewis

While some Harry fans are asking who the F is Jenny Lewis? Jenny will take that and make money from it. If you want a t-shirt with that on it, she has it. You can also listen to a Spotify Playlist with that as the title, here. I personally think she is brilliant and listening to her music makes me want to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, “Almost Famous.”

Give Jenny Lewis a listen and fall in love with this 40-something, strong woman. She deserves it.

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