Jordan Massey releases Break-Up Anthem “Holding My Breath”

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Jordan MasseyIndie pop artist Jordan Massey dropped the single and video for his latest track “Holding My Breath” and the break-up anthem is incredibly catchy. Influenced by some of pop/R&B’s greatest, Massey delivers a solid vocal performance while honing in on those ear-wormy hooks. Most of us have dealt with the pain that comes from a break-up and while the music was inspired by that, it exudes happiness and power.

The Los Angeles based artist (originally from Canada) spoke about the track and what it meant to him;

“For “Holding My Breath” I was pretty fresh out of a breakup and I was very aware of everything I felt at the moment, it was gratitude, pain , but also inspired. I wanted to write about remaining focus on what I wanted from life and it was to continue music , and to keep telling these stories. The narrative commonly is that after break ups, you have to be this depressed character but you don’t. Discovering this new chapter of life and being able to solely focus on your dreams is something beautiful to acknowledge too.”

I’m a huge fan of pop music and I really loved the energy and passion that was brought to the track. A lot of music is about love, heartache and the loss of something great and when artists turn that pain into a positive dance-track, I almost always love it.

The video shows the story of a guy and girl flirting and potentially diving into that journey while Massey performs. It’s a fun video that you can tell was made with passion; everyone brought their a-game and it is a fun showcase of what Indie artists can do with the limited resources at hand.

Do yourself a favor and give “Holding My Breath” a listen today.

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