Julia Klot puts on her “Boxing Gloves”

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Julia Klot has released her latest single “Boxing Gloves.” Released on May 5th, “Boxing Gloves” is a song about frenemies. The new single is one that showcases a dynamic vocal range by Julia Klot. But, it also introduces us to a new more jazz-inspired sound. This is Julia’s first release since her EP “Ghost” two years ago.

Julia Klot

Julia Klot leaves behind the singer-songwriter vibes

Based in New York City, Julia Klot has transitioned into a more funk-pop artist vs a traditional singer-songwriter. She writes intricate piano melodies and is able to back them up with her impressive vocal range. “Boxing Gloves” is a fun track with catchy horns and a groovy Wurli key arrangement. Produced by Matt Castello with Julia herself stepping in as co-producer, they drew inspiration from bands like Lawrence, Melt, and Sammy Rae.

Julia Klot

Frenemies are the worst

“Boxing Gloves” is about a friendship that started off great, but eventually turned sour. You and that friend were great in the beginning, but eventually, everything takes a turn. You end up competing for everything, even though you aren’t trying to. That friend just always has to one-up you.

Having lived through this Julia sings about how she won’t take the “push and shove” anymore. In the end, Julia decided to let go. But… she got an amazing song out of it. Win-win in my opinion.

“I’m really excited to share what I think is my most lyrically clever song to date, and to set the tone for a new sound and era of my music.” – Julia Klot

Julia is also releasing a music video for “Boxing Gloves” on May 19th. Make sure to check that out, and check out the single now on all streaming platforms.

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