Jzzy drops incredible EP “Scribbles”

The indie artist delivers an infectious debut EP

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Jzzy is one of our favorite up-and-coming artists right now. From her look, sound to creative direction she is giving a lot to latch onto to. Her latest single, Helmet, is the perfect summer pop track; and it remains one of our favorite singles of 2023. But, luckily… we now have the full EP, “Scribbles.”

Jzzy“Scribbles.” is a 4-track EP that feels like a full album; we get the variety of sounds/emotions that one comes to expect on an LP. We start out with FOMO, a youthful track in sound and lyrics, that helps set the tone for the record. The early 2000s influences, ie the distortion and mixing, not only hit, they become her sound. Her influences are not her, they inspire, but Jzzy is her own artist with her own message.

But even when I try
Throw on my disguise
I still know it’s fake
It’s so f***king fake

Jzzy musicReminisce Me is a slower tempo that focuses on the story and vocals. Young love is a tough subject, everything can feel like it’s world-changing. The pain and vulnerability that seeps through on this track is palpable. We’ve all had that moment of wanting to be remembered, it’s kind of like that’s the only goal most of us have in life; but Jzzy made it sound great.

Please don’t hate me
When what’s left of us
Is fading away

I’ll Start With Your Name First has, probably, my favorite beat on the record. It feels dark, sneaky and is the definition of an ear worm. I love the melodies and delivery, Jzzy performs with the confidence of someone who has been doing this their whole life. Mark my words, it’s going to be a matter of time before labels start fighting over her. And that’s what she deserves. (I think the La la la’s are going to be in my head until the day I am no more).

jzzy helmet

Scribbles in my notebook
I’ll start with your name first
Red ink, don’t look
Got a dirty little secret

Then we have the aforementioned Helmet which… by now you know… I am obsessed. It was the exact right choice for the lead and also the PERFECT closer. Like, the A&R was A&R’ing. If you haven’t heard this track yet, don’t start here. Listen to the EP in the order that Jzzy wanted you to, it is the perfect build.

So, now that you’ve taken the time to read THIS… Go listen to the EP! Do yourself a favor and check out this artist who is deserving of your attention.

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