Katanak shines like the “Lights of Tokyo”

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Katanak (Dylan Cattanach) has released his newest single, “Lights of Tokyo.” The track, released on the 3rd of May, is the tale of love at first sight. “Lights of Tokyo” is a high-energy mix of indie-pop and indie-rock. This song is perfect for fans of The 1975, The Wombats, and COIN. With a bit of pop and modern rock, the inspiration is clear in the single.


2022 was the setup for Katanak to take 2023 over.

KatanakKatanak spent most of 2022 performing live and writing his debut EP. Katanak played at the Brisbane Festival 2022 and collaborated with some of Australia’s most highly respected emerging and established artists (Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator) and Pete Murray to name a few).  Dylan also had one of his songs chosen as a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition 2022.

“Lights of Tokyo” is the first single of Katanak’s debut EP, which he spent 2022 working on.

“Lights of Tokyo was among one of the first lot of songs I ever wrote and it’s still my favourite track to play live. Back when I wrote this track, I was influenced by early 2000’s Australian rock and artists such as Powderfinger and Pete Murray. Matt McGuiffe was able to transform it and give it a totally UK modern rock/indie pop sound. I was stoked to find that Aidan Hogg was also a huge fan of the bands I listened to, so it was easy to convey to him exactly what I wanted this track to sound like. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” – Katanak

KatanakTake in the “Lights of Tokyo” at night

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you haven’t experienced that moment you lock eyes with someone and get instant butterflies, maybe not. But for those of us that have, this song is for you. While telling that story Katanak was able to capture the feeling of being in Tokyo. The nightlife and energy of a foreign city can get you swept up, add in that you don’t speak the language, and that moment you connect with someone grounds you.

“I’m standing outside of a bar, halfway around the world
and I couldn’t speak a word
But that doesn’t matter, cause when I looked at her
My heart felt fluent”


The future is bright for this Rockstar

Have you watched “Elvis?” If you did, Dylan Cattanach (Katanak) may look familiar to you. He played bassist, Jerry Scheff, in the TCB Band. The TCB Band is a group of musicians who formed the rhythm section of Elvis Presley’s band from August 1969 until his death in 1977.

Beyond that, Katanak is a rising star outside of the silver screen. With airplay on major radio stations including:

  • Triple J Unearthed
  • Double J
  • ABC Radio
  • BBC Introducing Radio Solent (UK)
  • Amazing Radio (both UK & US)

Sunday’s video clip was added to rotation on MTV Upload and has been collecting praise from Livewire AU, Music is My Muse, and Happy Mag.

Katanak will be touring the East Coast of Australia in the next few months on the “Lights of Tokyo” East Coast Tour. Make sure you watch out for this superstar, he is one to keep on your radar.

Listen Now:

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