Kate Grahn has valid questions

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Kate GrahnLos Angeles-based singer Kate Grahn, who recently celebrated a birthday, asks some very valid questions in her new song, in fact, the questions that I myself would enjoy answers to.

Kate’s new single “Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me)“, released yesterday, questions, does she like him? Or is he just ignoring her? We can’t imagine a more perfect song, and when this guitar-driven track first hits your eardrums you will be thankful that Kate put those emotions and the feeling you have right onto paper and into the microphone because I know I am.

I feel the power is shifting…

Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me) follows the story of a situationship that we know entirely too well, in the second verse, Kate really puts it all out on the table

Turns that keeping us casual
Looks more like us just playing games
Face-to-face it feels so natural
But when he walks out of the room
I can’t tell who’s using who

This is the song that every person who has ever lied to themselves about the status of a relationship needs to listen to, because, truth is, he’s probably just ignoring him and you probably don’t like him (in the words of Mean Girls, you could think you love somebody, but you could be wrong).

If you want to delve further into Kate’s musical past, we say she can be described as a fusion of pop, folk, and soul, with her rich and sultry vocals and deeply heartfelt lyrics that will certainly make you think. To date, Kate has released several singles, including ‘Honestly I’m Disappointed‘, and ‘It’s Not Even You I’m Crying Over’, and honestly when listening to each of these tracks, I just feel seen, Kate gets it, she understands!

Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me) is out everywhere music is streamed!

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