Kelly Clarkson announces “Chemistry Deluxe”

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has announced that she will be releasing a deluxe version of her recent tenth studio album “Chemistry”

Let’s be honest some of Kelly Clarkson’s best songs are available exclusively on deluxe versions of the album (I will point you to ‘Stronger’ deluxe featuring the fantastic-should’ve-been-a-single “Alone” — no questions).

The deluxe release of the ‘Chemistry’ album (which still doesn’t have a single music video, but between Vegas, being a mom, and her talk show — we’ll forgive her, she’s delivering amazing music) is due out on 22 September 2023, the album will feature all of the original fourteen tracks plus five brand new songs (and one live song and two remixes of album tracks).

The track listing for the revised version is as follows:

01. Skip This Part
02. Mine
03. High Road
04. Me
05. Down To You
06. Chemistry
07. Favorite Kind of High
08. Magic
09. Lighthouse
10. Rock Hudson
11. My Mistake
12. Red Flag Collector
13. I Hate Love
14. That’s Right

Deluxe Version
15. I Won’t Give Up
16. Did You Know
17. You Won’t Make Me Cry (Ft. River Rose)
18. Goodbye
19. Roses
20. Mine (Live from the Belasco)
21. Favorite Kind of Hight (David Guetta remix)
22. Mine (Ty Sunderland remix)

You can pre-order the release on her Apple Music.

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