Kelly Clarkson Covers Gayle’s “ABCDEFU”

I swear I meant to mean the best when it ended...

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Kelly Clarkson


At this point, EarWorms is a Kelly Clarkson blog that just covers other artists sometimes (Fun fact: Svenn and Myself have made numerous Kelly fan sites that never opened!) Anyway, Kelly won American Idol, Released a bunch of albums, and is amazing, and that’s just where we are now!

The Song

Each day Kelly performs a new song on her television show The Kelly Clarkson Show, sometimes the songs are covers, and other times, they are deep cuts from her albums. Today she covered “ABCDEFU” by Gayle which was released last summer and hit #1 in over 20 charts around the world (she has failed to duplicate this success, but is touring with Taylor Swift and P!NK, so…)

Well, when Kelly sang this song some words were changed… you know… because of daytime censorship, or maybe just an extra dig at her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, who separated in June of 2020 (four months into COVID-19, I’m just saying) their divorce has been more than tumultuous and Kelly has some things to say:

Forget you, and your dad, and the fact that you got half
And my broken heart turned that $h!+ into art
Forget you and your friends that I’ll never see again
Everybody but your dog, you can all get lost

Why is the dad being singled out? Well it’s quite simple, Brandon’s father (and former manager) is currently suing Kelly Clarkson for $1.4 million and estimated $5.4 million in future commissions.

Oh the shade of it all…


The drama… we hate that Kelly is going through this, but, in the words of Taylor Swift “What did you think I’d say to that…“. Catch the performance from today’s show below, and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow, when it is rumored Kelly will be performing her new single “Me” / “Mine” from her forthcoming album ‘Chemistry’ on the Kelly Clarkson Show!

Watch Now:

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