Kelly Clarkson Teases “Chemistry” Album

Miss Independent Teaches Us About Chemistry

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Kelly Clarkson

The Introduction

Nearly 21 years ago, a girl from Texas united America for what was probably the last time! Kelly Clarkson won American Idol and the world of angsty breakup music has never been the same. Well, 21 years, nine albums, and a talk show later, Kelly is ready to unveil K10, which is confirmed to be called “Chemistry”

What We Know

In April 2020, Kelly Clarkson release a single titled ‘I Dare You’, the song was translated into numerous languages and peaked at #86 on the Billboard Hot 100. In conjunction with this, it was announced that she would be headlining a Vegas residency titled “Invisible” (A track off of her Piece by Piece album) but this ultimately did not happen because of this little thing called COVID-19. The world halted to a stop, and K10 (as we knew it at that moment) was put on hold.

Since then Kelly has released a Christmas album and an EP of some of her favorite ‘Kellyoke’ songs. Earlier today, Kelly announced that her tenth studio album is “coming soon”, and normally we hate this because I’ve been waiting on a new album from a lot of artists who said “it’s coming soon” (notably from Rachel Stevens… more on her in the coming days).

It was leaked earlier this week that Kelly’s Vegas residency has been retitled Chemistry… an Intimate Night with Kelly Clarkson and is set to take place between the end of July through the end of August, tickets for this show are allegedly on sale this coming Friday (31 March).

In addition to the album title, and Vegas residency, Kelly will be unveiling a brand new single (which again is “coming soon”) it was unveiled in a YouTube clip from her television show that the single had already been performed and recorded for Kellyoke, and she states that she does not film her show “too far in advance”. Like the launch of Meaning of Life, there is expected to be a double a-side release of the tracks “Mine” and “Me” (Please note: these are not Taylor Swift covers).

“Mine” is the track that Kelly recorded for the show and some fans have unvield some of the lyrics online, including what I am sure is a heartbreaking Chorus “I thought you were mine, I thought we had it all” (bone chilling).

“Me” includes the lyrics

“By the way, piece by piece
I found out my hero is me
I don’t need you, to be complete, to be happy”

We love that the Because of You / Piece By Piece storyline is seemingly expected to live on!

In addition to all of this, we have some song titles that may or may not be correct, we don’t know… we just work here and report stuff, no journalistic integrity is required (at least I hope not, I’m sure someone will let me know!)

Down to you
Favorite kind of high
High road
I hate love (feat. Steve Martin)
My mistake
Red flag collector
Rock Hudson
Skip this part
That’s right (feat. Sheila E)


Let’s be real here, when Adele announced that “30” was going to be a ‘divorce’ album, I got excited… and then it came out… and I wasn’t. So a Kelly Clarkson divorce album is all I have ever physically needed in my life (especially because I am personally coming up on my one year anniversary of my divorce, but I’ll be celebrating in London — More on that later!)

Watch this space, as we will be sharing some heart breaking music in the coming days / weeks / months!

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