Kelly Clarkson Unveils “Chemistry” Tracklistings

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Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson needs no introduction, she is amazing, we love her, we stan — we just stan. Last month we unveiled a slew of rumors for Kelly’s upcoming release — we were mostly correct.

What’s Changed

We announced the album as ‘Chemistry’ and Kelly did the same. We announced that she would be returning to Vegas and Kelly did the same. We announced that Kelly’s new single would me “Me” and “Mine” (both not Taylor Swift covers) and Kelly did the same.

So to clarify, not much has changed.

What More Information Do We Have?

Well, we have the official single cover for “Me” and “Mine”. We also have the official ‘Chemistry’ cover and track listings.

We also have confirmation of the writers for the two singles

Kelly Clarkson Clarkson, Erick Serna, Jesse Shatkin

Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Rutherford, Josh Ronen

Kelly unveiled the track listings by curating a Playlist featuring the track list, and it looks similar to what we’ve previously shared, except now, it’s in its intended order.

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High Road
Down To You
Favorite Kind of High
Rock Hudson
My Mistake
Red Flag Collector
I Hate Love
That’s Right


Well, all I can say is — I love being correct. Be sure to check out Kelly’s two singles “Me” and “Mine” which will be released tomorrow 03/14/23.

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