Kelly Clarkson: “We’re all misfits living in a world on fire”

We come into this world unknown... and then you become Kelly Clarkson?

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Kelly Clarkson

The Introduction

It’s plain and simple, she doesn’t need one. 21 years into her career, Kelly Clarkson has positioned herself to be one of the biggest superstars in the world. She was the first American Idol, way before the show became insignificant. In fact, she has her own television shows where she delivers daily performances of some of our favorite songs.

The Song

Could you believe that ten years ago, Kelly released her first Greatest Hits album (titled Greatest Hits: Chapter One) and recorded three new songs, and then released all of them as singles? I’ve never seen it before, but, that is exactly what Kelly did with this project. “People Like Us” was released as the third of the three new songs followed by ‘Catch My Breath’ and ‘Don’t Rush’ (with Vance Gill). The significance of this song back then may have seemed rather odd, but, in fact, it was just ahead of its time. In an America that is focused on banning drag queens, this song seems to be more relevant now than ever.

People like us we’ve got to stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever
Here’s to the da*ned, to the lost and forgotten
It’s hard to get high when your living on the bottom

The Conclusion

Are ten years too long to wait to release a Greatest Hits collection? Well, Hilary Duff doesn’t know anything about that. Kelly’s Greatest Hits album was very warranted, and the new tracks delivered for this project were superb and the message of ‘People Like Us’ delivered a message that I have always resonated with as a gay man, but, its sad that even ten years later, the song has become more of a symbol for other members of the LGBT community.

Kelly is set to begin promotion on her ninth studio album in the coming weeks following announcing that her new song was set to premiere in the coming weeks on her television show!

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