Kesha Teases new music on Soundcloud

The genre-shifting pop star teases new music

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KESHAKesha is responsible for changing the face of pop music, amongst a handful of other women. She had a unique sound with infectious hits, thanks in-part to her now ex-producer, Dr. Luke. If you have been alive in the past 10 years, there is a chance you’ve heard about her legal case against the producer where she accuses him of sexual abuse. The courageous move was essentially met with a complete career halt from her label, Sony Music. Since her 2012 release, Warrior, her studio records have been some of her best work ever but have failed to make an impact in the way her previous hits have. That is in part due to the weak promotion on behalf of her label.

Perhaps taking things into her own hands, two new demos have been uploaded to Soundcloud under user Kesha19523. “fine line” and “eat the acid” have a similar sound that she premiered on her latest release, The Higher Road. They have a darker sound and lyrical content though, which isn’t shocking considering the singers’ past few years.

There’s a fine line
Between genius and crazy

“eat the acid” is the one that I’m most excited about. The production is dark and fresh; proving yet again that Kesha is one of pops best ever.

You said don’t ever eat the acid
If you want to be changed life can change you

We will be keeping our eyes out for music because… well, she is incredible. Listen to the new previews below;

Listen Now:

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