Kim Petras Gets Cold…. Brrr

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Look, we know there’s a lot about Kim Petras to not love, but there is also a lot about Kim Petras to love. She delivers solid pop music, really good pop music. A lot of fans are upset about her most recent album being cancelled by the label, but following the leak of the album, I can certainly see why it was done.

Was it Clarity level stuff? No. Was it BunHead Era (or more recently known as “The Summer I Couldn’t Do Better“) stuff? No. Was there a good song or two? We’ll give you that!

Following the messy Problematique era, Kim ditched whats his face, and began writing with other people. The first track taken from this new era was the Max Martin backed “If Jesus Was A Rockstar“, was it a “…Baby One More Time“? No… no it certainly was not. Was it a “I Want It That Way“, also no — I’d say it was more along the lines of “No Goodbyes“, it just doesn’t work the way it was intended.

That brings us to KP4’s second single “Brrr” and this song works for me. We love a winter-esque styled song but how does “Icy” compare to “Brrr”? Well it doesn’t but we love that we tried. I don’t think that Kim will be able to put out a body of work as free as “Clarity” was, but, if this is the direction we go (sans “If Jesus Was A Rockstar”) for KP4, I’ll be a long for the ride.

“Why don’t you take it out on me, if you think you’re so cold, brrr”
– Kim Petras

Could you be more inspired by those lyrics? Me too!

Something different to the release of ‘If Jesus Was A Rockstar” is that Kim has actually began doing promotional performances for “Brrr”, which we love to see. Days after she appeared under Sam Smiths dress on Saturday Night Live with her Grammy awarded winning single “Unholy”, Kim headed on over to “Late Night With Seth Myers” to perform “Brrr”, and more recently appeared at Billboards Women In Music Awards and World Pride.

Will I always look at Kim with a side eye? Yes, but will I always be deep down rooting for her? Also yes.

Bring on KP4 Kim, I look forward to judging it against ‘Clarity’!

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