Kim Petras Surprise Drops Scrapped Album “Problématique”

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Kim Petras

As a surprise to her fans, Kim Petras has dropped her original third debut album “Problématique” ahead of her “Feed The Beast” tour.

The album excludes songs that were recycled for “Feed The Beast” but gives us a glimpse of what could’ve been.

The album cover was shot by Steven Klein and follows the theme of her “Future Starts Now” cover (which along with “Malibu” is excluded from the album).

The tracklisting for the release is as follows:

01. Problématique
02. Je T’Adore
03. All She Wants (Ft. Paris Hilton)
04. Born Again
05. Something About U
06. Treat Me Like A Ho
07. Confession
08. Deeper
09. Dirty Things
10. Love Ya Leave Ya

You can catch Kim on tour in a city near you and stream all of Kim’s music anywhere fine music is sold!

Listen Now:

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