Kim Petras Wants To Get You Alone

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“I’ve been trying to give it to ya all night
What’s it gonna take to get you all alone”

The Introduction

Kim Petras does not need an introduction so we will summarize – Legend. Problematique. Icon – okay, enough introductions.

The Song

Fresh off the heels of her second taste from KP3 Brrr Kim Petras has teased a new song it seems she is titling “Alone”. She posted a short snippet of the new song on TikTok which features the instrumental of the 1999 smash “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay.

You can color me speechless because now that Petras has ditched what’s his face, she seems to be thriving and bringing the element of her German heritage. The visuals are giving me the ‘Clarity’ era vibes, and again, I’m here for it. Take the perfect recipe (minus ole dude) and give me the pop music that makes my little gay heart happy!

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