KØASH Drops Infectious Single “Somebody”

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KØASH has dropped their latest single, “Somebody” and the up-beat track feels like The Weeknd meets Dua Lipa in the best way. The rising pop star starts the track with an infectious melody that immediately grabs your attention and takes you on a journey back to the ’80s. The synth heavy beat is paired with soft and powerful vocals that showcase his immense talent.

Being a sucker for a nostalgic track, this one immediately stood out to me. The lyrics, essentially being a view on the worlds current dating scene, express the disappointment that we can inflict on a romantic partner for a slew of reasons; but at the end of it all knowing that you want that connection with someone.

I don’t wanna touch you cause I won’t let go
Don’t you know I need when I’m feeling low
Cuz I’m sick and tired of being on my own
I need somebody

In today’s climate, it’s very easy to move in selfish ways because we can hide our lack of emotional intelligence behind the guise of “self-care” and I, for one, love the honesty that this track brings lyrically. A lot of songs reference this landscape, but it’s rare when an artist can admit their faults and still relate to the masses. It has reminds me of the story Rihanna tells on her hit, “Unfaithful”.

If you are a fan of up-beat ’80s tracks that provide a hint of modernism, then I would highly suggest giving KØASH a listen, especially this latest release.

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