Leigh-Anne releases debut “Don’t Say Love”

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Leigh-Anne - Don't Say Love

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne has unleashed her debut single ‘Don’t Say Love’.

The Artist

There isn’t a fiber of my being that isn’t excited for Little Mix to unveil their solo endeavors. At one point yours truly owned the largest Little Mix fan site, and one day someone will write a story about my obsession, but that’s not why we’re here.

Leigh-Anne has a lot on her plate as of late. She just got married on 06/03/23 to footballer Andre Gray, she is the mother to twins, she has a book coming out in November, oh… and she is casually releasing bops. I am physically tired for her.

The Song

Don’t Say Love is characterized by its soulful and R&B-infused sound. The production features a blend of smooth beats, lush instrumentals, and captivating melodies that perfectly complement Leigh-Anne’s soulful vocals. The song’s dynamic arrangement creates an atmospheric and introspective mood, drawing listeners into the emotional journey conveyed in the lyrics, and frankly, it is everything I ever wanted!

I cannot picture this being featured on any of the ‘Little Mix’ albums, which is a good thing as she is not relying on her band to make a name for herself. Most importantly, the song comes in at a fantastic 3 minutes and 1 second and leaves us wanting exactly nothing. Like many successful popstars before her (Geri Halliwell, Rachel Stevens) she is able to showcase her talent and release her debut single without the help of a featured artist or heavy samples of known songs.

The Conclusion

Leigh-Anne is giving it to us in 2023, and here at Ear Worms, we are excited to accept it.

Make sure you give “Don’t Say Love” a spin, the song is a compelling and empowering solo effort that showcases Leigh-Anne artistry beyond her work with Little Mix. We know that our signed cd single is in the mail and we will be bopping along to it all summer long!

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