Lexi Mariah says there are “No Worries…”

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Lexi MariahConnecticut native Lexi Mariah has released her latest single, “No Worries…” and the electro-pop song feels like the perfect summer anthem. The song is an interesting blend between Taylor Swift and Charli XCX and it works better than one could have expected.

From the infectious pre-chorus to the auto-tuned bridge; this song serves a healthy blend of singer/songwriter style lyrics with an ultra-pop production. Produced by Kenny Cash (Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix) and written by Mariah, “No Worries…” not only shows promise for the rising pop-star, but also delivers a clear vision of who she is as an artist. Personally, we love when worlds collide and this track will be something that fans of niche-pop will be drawn to.

When asked about the latest single, Mariah said;

“You know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone, putting in the effort, giving them your undivided attention, but you can tell they’re distracted by someone else the entire time? Then by the end of the night or the next day, they’re so apologetic and you’re just too emotionally exhausted to deal with it, so you brush them off with the low key sarcastic ‘it’s fine, no worries!’ It’s a phrase I say a lot, and honestly it’s almost always a lie. There’s pretty much always a worry and it’s usually never fine.”

Most of us are probably all too familiar with that situation; letting someone get away with hurting our feelings out of fear of confrontation. Lexi takes that emotion on head-first in the track, and that’s a big reason why this track works. It’s up-beat and positive and can probably help someone gain the courage they need to not carry that disappointment that others bring you.

No Worries…” is available on all digital streaming platforms now.

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