Lil Yachty On His Psych-Rock LP: “F*** Any Of The Albums I Dropped Before This One”

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Lil YachtyOn Let’s Start Here., Lil Yachty’s latest LP released back in January of this year, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty has left behind his rap roots for a live-band psych-rock sound with the help of musicians from Chairlift and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Despite receiving criticism for the album, Yachty insists it is the kind of music he enjoys making the most.

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In a recent Billboard feature, he expressed dissatisfaction with his past work and a desire to evolve as an artist. He admitted to being nervous about putting out music in the past but now wants to be remembered and respected for his work. Yachty credited Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Tame Impala’s Currents, as well as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, as key influences on Let’s Start Here. The rapper played the album for several respected artists in the rap-world, including Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and their reactions have given Yachty confidence in his new direction. He also mentioned that he’s already made hundreds of songs since the release of Let’s Start Here., and he plans to play the album live with an all-female backing band. Although he’s excited to have moved away from rap, Yachty says he’s open to doing a project with Tyler, The Creator in the future.

This album is an exciting representation of what art is supposed to be; there should be no boxes or anything that stop you from creating exactly what you want to create. Lil Yachty created an inspiring roadmap for artists to follow their feeling, vs what is expected of them.

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