Lou Emery plants her “Roots” in the music scene

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Lou Emery is a pop-rock singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her latest release, “Roots” is the third single of her upcoming debut EP. “Roots” showcases the edgier side of Lou with catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

Lou EmeryLou Emery has an eclectic background in music.

From an early age, Lou Emery has had a diverse musical background in classical, contemporary, and theatre. She bounced from pop performance to classical flute, musical theatre to acting. Finally, Emery landed on contemporary songwriting. One thing never changed; her desire to be a star. As the only musically inclined member of a family full of engineers, Lou Emery studied music and songwriting at the University of Miami: Frost School of Music. There she collaborated with musical giants like, Steve Rucker of the Bee Gees and Emmy- and Grammy-award-winning composer Carlos Rivera.

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo will love “Roots”

“Roots” is a song that will live in your head rent-free for days after hearing it once. The song dives into life after a toxic relationship. Once that emotional abuse is over, it might just be time to stop dealings with the heart completely.

One thing that stands out is the switch between honest lyrics to ones filled with sarcasm.

“This hollow body’s echoing now
So cover me in tin and leave me bare
No, you won’t find another lover there
You’ve got your way of breaking me down
So cover, but the roots begin to show
Cover it, but I already know”

The guitar riffs and drums set the stage for Lou to showcase her powerful vocals. The leadup to the chorus gives me deja-vu and reminds me of Queen. But then the rest of the song gives off newer Harry Styles vibes.

This song is perfect for fans of Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo, Paramore, and Taylor Swift. Make sure to give it a listen below and keep an eye out for more from Lou Emery.

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