Lucy Crisp shares love on “One Summer’s Day”

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Lucy Crisp, a Nottingham-based pop singer/songwriter has released her latest single, “One Summer’s Day.” After a 6 month hiatus, Lucy Crisp follows up her hit song “One Lie” with a track that is sure to get everyone ready for a summer filled with love.

Lucy CrispPrevious releases by Lucy Crisp have earned her high praise from BBC Introducing. “One Lie” was crowned Track Of The Week by Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing in The East Midlands) in October 2022. “Moonlight Skater” was also touted on BBC Introducing and featured on the Fresh On The Net blog.

Lucy has opened up about living with Cystic Fibrosis and being a singer. In a recent interview on Notts Today, we learned more about it from Lucy herself.


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Lucy Crisp shares her summer love story

Inspired by her own personal experience, “One Summer’s Day” is the story of being in a healthy relationship that has ups and downs.

“For a while, I had felt nostalgic about that summer we both shared together and the feeling of being in love with someone you can see a long-term future with”, shares Lucy. “In the
lyrics, I wanted to acknowledge that not every relationship is always going to be perfect, and despite the adversities that you both face, love always wins. For me, I wanted this song to reflect on a personal experience – one that many people in their twenties can relate to. Before writing this song, I have never truly wrote a song about falling in love with such positivity and danceability. “

Lucy Crisp took a 6-month hiatus due to health reasons but is moving forward now. She will be releasing an EP in the latter part of the year. “One Summer’s Day” is an upbeat happy song, before we get into the nitty gritty of sad times.

“I wanted my first lead single to be the distraction from the sad times ahead. The 65 Roses EP, expected in Autumn 2023 will delve into my life of living with Cystic Fibrosis, and it will explore themes of love, depression, and foreseen fears. The EP creates an aural space for people to feel comfortably vulnerable and to express their feelings.”

Lucy is an inspiration all on her own

Lucy is someone who takes charge of life. Not only singing and performing with Cystic Fibrosis, but she also debuted her first single during COVID. Whilst studying at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Lucy released her debut single, “Feet”, during the national lockdown in 2020 and has so far amassed over 3000 streams.

‘”One Summer’s Day” by Lucy Crisp is an uplifting and emotional journey sprinkled in pop music magic, it takes you on a journey of pop music spiritual highs and lows, but with Lucy’s lush operatic style vocals, it charms the heart and enters the soul. Dancing with your memories yet bringing a optimistic hope for the future in a luscious vocal performance. The verses bring hope yet riminess all happy and sad thoughts combined whilst the chorus has an uplifting and euphoric feel that is as catchy as a cold that will dance in your brain all day long from the very first listen “One Summer’s Day” is a pop-tastic statement on the very talented Lucy Crisp. The song will make you both reflect and also beam with delight no matter where you listen and is my recommended choice as a great piece of Pop heaven that you will remember for a long time and to add to your favourite playlist without a doubt” – Spencer Wells, former artist manager for James Morrison.

Make sure to listen to “One Summer’s Day.” You will smile from ear to ear as you listen. For all the UK readers, she will be performing at the Nottingham Beer Festival on the 16th of June.

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