Mae Muller “… Wrote A Song” and it’s amazing!

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Mae Muller

When I was young, I was taught when giving a presentation there are three things to remember that will result in a successful presentation. Those tips included “Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; and then tell them what you told them”. I feel like Mae Muller has taken this advice that was probably not passed along to her, and applied it to this very amazing song!

Mae Muller wasn’t a household name until earlier this week when the United Kingdom released their song submission for the Eurovision contest. I preface all of this by saying I do not know who Mae Muller was prior to this week. Based on a brief internet search I see she had a song out in 2021 called “Better Days” that was internationally successful. She also opened for Little Mix on their LM5 tour, so, I’d say she’s doing pretty well for herself.

Honestly, I do not have the energy to explain the relevance of the competition to you. I will say that Eurovision brought us ‘ABBA‘ and honestly is there even any other information needed?

The Credits

Mae wrote this song with Lewis Thompson and famed writer Karen Poole and it leaves me questioning myself what was the song about? Where is this song? What’s happening with it? Who produced it? Is it going to be on an album? I need answers!!

The Song

The opening lines “When you said you were leaving to work on your mental health, you didn’t mention the cheating you kept that to yourself” immediately gave me the chills, never have I been so rattled by the opening lines of a song, but here we are.

Mae then proceeds to explain to us what her immediate reaction to the news was to “cuss you out outside your house for everyone to see, wanted to trash your Benz, tell all your friends how cruel you were to me“. It is almost as if she was listening to “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and decided against everything she suggested. Instead, she just wrote a song and then proceeded to tell us about it in the chorus of the song she did in fact write!

I wrote a song, bout how you did me wrong
I could have cried at home and spent the night alone
Instead, I wrote a song, I feel much better now
Me and my girls are out and we all sing along

I am entranced by the story, captivated even, give me the drama Mar Muller, I need it.

The second verse, she lets you know how her mother would be so proud about how she has handled this very troubling situation. Honestly at 25 years old I would really rather have written a song compared to all the things I actually did. Mae Muller is really doing this relationship thing correctly, and we’re glad to be in the audience.

Mae once again breaks into the second pre-chorus/chorus before it she puts it all out there with possibly the best bridges ever, the music slows and then croons into:

Look into my eyes, she’s feeling good, she feels alive
So don’t you call my phone tonight, tonight, tonight
No lie, got a kick telling the world, just what you did
I’m better now, I burned the bridge
Raising a glass, taking a sip
Let’s celebrate, dance it away, I thought my heart would break…

Before ultimately delivering us a third pre-chorus/chorus combination and the conclusion of the song! We haven’t even begun to talk about the music video, it is absolutely serving! Mae switches back and forth from real life to a cartoon/Claymation/Lego type combination and it really tells a story. The music video debuted earlier this week on BBC One and became the second highest rated broadcast of the night, raking in 2.75 million viewers!

The Conclusion

Do we think Mae will win the 2023 Eurovision song contest? Probably not as there are some other fantastic songs out there (more on those later), but you can find out when Eurovision airs the Semi-Finale on 11 May 2023. Historically the competition has been broadcast on the American streaming platform Peacock, though has not yet been announced for 2023!

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