Mae Stephens Releases “If We Ever Broke Up” Music Video

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Mae Stephens

The Introduction

We previously featured Mae Stephens as an Earworm with her smash single “If We Ever Broke Up“, in early March, and here we are at the end of March equally as obsessed with a song!

Mae has released a slew of promotional videos for the song since our initial post including a Lyrics video and a Flash Mob video.

The Music Video

The music video begins with Mae and her lover boy walking down the street. The lover boy is seemingly having serious discussions but Mae is in her own world. The video then pans into a living room sitting her boyfriend (and his parents) drinking some tea (as one does in Britain). By the time the Chorus drops, we are in full-blown dream mode, with the “I’d call your dad and tell him the sh!++iest of things you said” line. The lover boy is in a full-blown panic and proceeds to be scolded by his parental figures.

We move to a post Chorus scene and we see Mae in the living room with the lover boy and parents, she dreams of poising his tea. All while still walking down the street in a back-and-forth situation. Loverboy is seen buying some balloons from a street clown (as one does) — and then we go to a scene where lover boy is choking on his tea (remember she poisoned him).

As his parents are reeling over the death of their son an uninterested Mae sits on the couch and remains just as uninterested as she was in the beginning of the music video — but then we pan out to a very alive lover boy and Mae refusing a refill on her spot of tea. Then… Lover boy floats away into the sky with his handful of balloons!! What a beautiful ending for this lovely story…

Except… it’s all just a dream and we pan back to Mae and Lover Boy walking down the street :sigh:


Mae Stephens still has the perfect pop song. My song of March 2023, will forever be, Mae Stephens “If We Ever Broke Up”. We remain hopeful for her following singles will live up to my level of excitement for her.

I definitely recommend giving the music video a watch!

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