Mae Stephens teases ‘Zero Zest’

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I’m not sure if you remember but earlier this year, I went absolutely feral for Mae Stephens single “If We Ever Broke Up” and I have no apologies about that.

Well, earlier this week Mae teased a brand new song seemingly titled ‘Zero Zest’ which is set to be released in the coming weeks!

“Cause baby you’re not the best
Boy you’re missing out on that zest
I don’t think I’ll be taking that quest
So I’ll be swiping on to the rest
Darling, I’m not one for bad breath
Or that yellow stain on your vest
Yeah, you’re really not passing my test
So I’ll be swiping on to the rest
(Oh baby)
To the left, you go
To the left, you go
To the left, you go
(Oh baby)”

Seemingly following the same marketing technique as ‘If We Ever Break Up’, Mae posted the TikTok for the track, and I’m sure many more will be unveiled leading up to the official release of the track. We just hope that the track is a little longer than “If We Ever Broke Up”, but I am excited to see what will become of her debut EP or album.

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