Mandy Slate turns into a “Machine”

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Mandy Slate has released the third single from her debut EP “101.” “Machine,” an angsty, spicy breakup anthem was released on May 5th. The EP “101” will be released on May 12th, and is a deep dive into heartbreak. Each track on the EP is the representation of the steps of letting go.

The first single, “Loveblind” is the story of denial. The current single, “Machine” is the exploration of the numb feeling you get when your heart was broken. Her second single, “I Know You Know” is the process of calming down and looking for answers. Finally, “Like I Do,” the last track on the EP is about acceptance.

Mandy Slate

Who is Mandy Slate?

Mandy Slate is an LA-based pop singer-songwriter. While growing up, Mandy spent her time singing in local theaters and in an acapella group. During her freshman year of college, Mandy started writing poetry because she was too shy to sing in the dorms. Eventually, she merged her new talent for writing with her past singing. The result was her first single “Loveblind.” Mandy was able to record at Green Tea Studios after the owner saw a YouTube video of her covering “Streets” by Doja Cat.

“Machine” is a little dark and a little sultry.

“Machine” is all about the battle between the head and the heart. The heart wants that one person back, but the head knows better. Mandy Slate has said that she had to “turn into a machine” to ignore her feelings and run back to her ex.

I’ve turned into a machine
It happened kinda quickly
I don′t suspend disbelief
Don’t navigate on instinct
If something’s really real, then I need proof
Can′t trust the way I feel cuz I need you

The production and combination of a moody guitar with a drill beat allow Mandy’s vocal delivery to be expressive and sultry. While the lyrics are more heartfelt, Mandy is able to provide a little bit of sass to her vocals to convey the meaning.

This song gives me major Ariana Grande vibes. Which is something we are missing right now in the music world. I think Mandy is the perfect artist to fill the spot. Make sure you check out “Machine” and “101” when it releases next week.

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