Marika Christine – Music and Heart

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Marika Christine releases “Music and Heart,” the final single before her album, “Soft Like An Apricot.” Her album will be released on May 26th on independent label, Ghost Mountain Records. “Music and Heart” is a love letter to San Fransisco, but at the same time, a critique.

Marika Christine

Living in a big city is not for the faint of heart, Marika Christine knows.

“The beauty of this song lies in the universal story of struggling to make ends meet as an artist in a big city. Imagine yourself at the end of an 8-hour food service shift that barely covers the cost of renting a tiny room in San Francisco. Feel the constant pain in your body from standing up all day. Music and Heart is a reminder of what makes the struggle worth it for a young artist – the shadows during golden hour, the old Victorian houses, and most importantly, the music and the heart of the people who make the city unique”. – Marika Christine


Marika Christine

Marika Christine gives us a song that features bright acoustic guitars, bossa nova-inspired drum beats, and warm jazz-influenced piano. Quirky layered harmonies that are unique to Marika, are the finishing touch. Marika Christine has a retro feel to her vocals that makes them so interesting.

“Music and Heart” was recorded and mixed by Spencer Owings in his backyard studio, The Grassy Knoll, in Oakland, CA. Musicians, Adam Wilson (keys), Maria Donjacrou (bass and background vocals), and Fabrizio Incerti (drums and lead guitar) lend a hand. Marika Christine is on acoustic guitar and lead vocals to round out the production. The track was mastered by Jacob Winik.

“Music and Heart” has relatable lyrics to anyone that has struggled when trying to achieve their dreams.

And all the houses I could never afford
Still bring me comfort ‘cause they’ve been around for so long
I’ll build a castle that leads to another world
Collage of colors in a city of fog

If you are feeling like you love where you are at today, but yesterday and tomorrow you are likely to hate it. Give “Music and Heart” a listen. It is available on all streaming platforms now.

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