Marina and the Diamonds: FROOT

The controversial fan-favorite record celebrates it anniversary

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Marina and the DiamondsMarina’s, FKA Marina and the Diamonds, third album FROOT is celebrating it’s anniversary today so… Let’s talk about the absolutely amazing record that had fans in a flurry.

Female artists who release an album that shoots them to stardom seldom have an “easy” time growing because everyone is yearning for the next *insert OG hit* styled track. Marina is no different. She was pegged as an electronic pop star with incredible vocals who was all about girl power and sass. Tracks like “Primadonna” and “How To Be A Heartbreaker” helped her make a successful career; but it also put her in a box.

Clearly feeling the need to grow and share her art with a larger audience; FROOT was born. The album was met with mixed emotions and eventually fell prey to social medias’ way of creating “drama” for the sake of making drama.

That FROOT looks familiar!

But, beyond all the silly fan noise and struggle of essentially being forced to stay in your young-20’s forever; FROOT proved to be an incredibly vulnerable and solid record.

It begins with the cinematic and somber track, “Happy”. The track is about finding happiness within yourself when the outside world requires you to give something to receive any sort of confirmation. Her desire to keep the door open, to being “open” to being happy is really the first step in getting there.

“I’ve found what I’ve been looking in myself”

Followed by one of my favorite tracks by any artist… ever; “FROOT”. The 5:31 long track goes against every single “Pop” song norm and does something that I still haven’t seen recreated. The complete vision here is wild; the structure and ability to carry a song for that length without losing its’ listener is… whew. Melodically and vocally the song is all over the place, in the best way. I don’t know how to describe the song, but I would say it’s what Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP (track) wanted to be, and I can’t explain any further.

Livin’ la dolce vita
Life doesn’t get much sweeter
Don’t you give me the reason
That it’s not the right season

The third track is “I’m a Ruin” which is essentially her admitting that if you fall in love with her, regardless of her intentions, she’s going to ruin you. Fair warning, to be honest. The track was released as a single, and it makes sense. Lyrically it’s beyond relatable, it’s the feeling of “Oh god, that’s not me is it?” I love art that can shock you into looking inwards and understanding a bit more about yourself as a person.

You still mean everything to me, to me
But I wanna be free

I mean… It’s an awful feeling to have, knowing that you’re about to hurt someone and you can’t even explain the “why” to yourself?

“Blue” is essentially the sister to “I’m a Ruin” but she’s the one who’s not goth. The shares feelings about breaking-up with someone when you probably shouldn’t have… But also… what are you doing? You can’t move on, but you also don’t want it. The inner disturbance is familiar to everyone who has dated in their 20s. The chorus really lights up, especially after a bit of an emotional beating from the previous track.

Give me one more night
One last goodbye
Lets dot it one last time
Lets do it one last time

This is definitely one of my favorites from Marina in general, and a clear standout on the record. After this happy-go-lucky sound, the album takes a turn, sonically. “Forget” embarks on a more bleak, and darker sound. Lyrically, it’s like she has lost a bit of that hope. There are a few exceptions, of course.

“Can’t Pin Me Down” was played in probably every Forever 21 for years, and you know what? Perhaps still is. It had an infectious chorus that made every person who heard it shout from the top of their lungs. This too is a clear standout; People can say whatever they’d like about Marina and her progression into a Human Rights singer, but… she has classics.

Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem?
I’m happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband

Marina uses her voice and platform for good, that is clear on her latest release “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” but this carefree vibe we get from this record is really what set her up to be a star.

The record ends in a bit of blur; Solitaire through Savages feel like one long moment vs 4 individual tracks, and I really love that. Solitaire is another stand out on the record. The song feels lonely somehow. It’s one you listen to when you’re alone and feeling all of your feelings.

Hard like a rock
Cold like stone
White like a diamond
Black like coal

All in all… I (clearly) love this record; I think it’s an incredible record from start to finish. Perhaps the songs didn’t “hit” the way they should have as standalone singles, but some projects are meant to be enjoyed as albums. We don’t watch a “single” scene from a film and forget the rest, let’s not do that with this record.

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