Marissa McRoberts drops “On My Way Back”

Be a big girl and don't cry about it...

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Marissa McRobertsNothing makes me happier than to discover a rising songstress on a random Wednesday night.

I was ever so pleased that I stumbled on Marissa McRobert’s new song “On My Way Back“. When I tell you I was struck with a beautiful sense of summer in the opening lines. I simply cannot describe the feeling of hearing a beautiful voice over a soft background with emotional lyrics. This kind of reminds me when Cheyenne Kimball dropped her debut back in summer 06 but also reminds me of some of Halsey’s emotional powerhouse ballads.

It isn’t a feeling that I get very often anymore with all the bass and anger in the world in the pop world! Marissa perfectly encapsulates a feeling I once had on a crisp summer evening. Marissa starts the song off with valid questions asking “Do I have any respect for my feelings” and Marissa, this… it had me hooked because more often than not, we do things that our future selves regret, and I don’t love that for us!

The song continues the story of so many loves in the past, exclaiming “You cut me off as easy as cutting hair, I know you don’t care” Right after this, we get to the chorus, which is haunting in all the perfect ways. “And I’m on my way back, it doesn’t hurt as bad”. It’s not long, it’s not complicated… it gets to the point it tells a perfect story.

What I love is that the second chorus isn’t the same, and I feel that is super important as it continues a story, and it’s not boring, it’s not predictable.

There is something flowy and magical about Marissa’s delivery of this song, it got me thinking how often does an emerging artist just… happen? How does one just stumble upon a beautifully produced well-written song but a woman who can really sing? Well, it doesn’t happen often, but Marissa’s career is something I’m certainly going to continue to follow because I believe there is so many places that she will go with her angelic voice, solid writing skills, and some very fantastic production!

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