Matt Burke “Won’t Give Up” on his dreams

We're glad he is determined, because he shouldn't give up.

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Nashville artist, Matt Burke has released his latest single, “Won’t Give Up.” The track is a soulful anthem about determination and facing adversity. Matt Burke, a country/Americana artist, has a raw grit to his vocals that make the sentiment behind the song, give you a gut punch. You will feel the emotions behind the message of the song, and become an instant fan of Matt Burke.

Matt Burke has the work ethic and perseverance to achieve success

“Won’t Give Up” is deeply personal for Matt. He hasn’t been in Nashville for long. Arriving in 2019, he only got a taste of the scene before COVID hit. But he made up for the downtime by steadily releasing new music and working on his craft.

“Musically, ‘Won’t Give Up’ draws from country, rock, folk, and singer-songwriter genres, making it a versatile addition to any playlist. I’m proud of this track and I think it showcases the many faces of my musical personality. So if you’re a fan of any of those genres, or you just appreciate a good story of perseverance, I think you’ll really enjoy ‘Won’t Give Up.'” – Matt Burke

Matt BurkeOnce you listen, if his voice doesn’t draw you in (they will), the lyrics will. Burke has this way of turning words we speak to our friends into relatable lyrics.

“Even when times are hard and hungry, I’ll show up and give my all each time again and again.”

“I’m making my way, y’all are gonna’ say I knew him way back when he came up,” Burke sings. “But now I’m here – working my way up to the top. And I won’t give up.”

Speaking of his vocals. If you are a country music fan, his vocal style may remind you of Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, and Zach Bryan. With comparisons to those artists, a work ethic to rival the superstars, and his talent, Matt Burke is just starting his career. We will make sure to say I knew him way back when Matt.

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